Firepod Griddle Instructions

Step 1 – Important – Seasoning your Griddle

Cast iron grills need to be ‘seasoned’ prior to use otherwise food will stick to them.

  • Brush vegetable oil on to the flat side.
  • Place on your Firepod with the oiled flat side up and run on full heat for 10 minutes with the top on.
  • Allow to cool then turn the griddle over and repeat for the ridged side.
  • Your griddle is now ready for use.

Seasoning Tips

  • A true non-stick surface takes time to form. It is best to only use your griddle for meats and other fatty foods at first.
  • Wipe a little oil over the entire griddle before storing.

Using your griddle

The ridged side is for normal BBQ foods and has a trough to catch excess juices. The flat side is for breakfast foods, pancakes and other non-fatty foods.

  1. Remove the top of the Firepod and place griddle inside.
  2. Light the Firepod and allow the griddle to warm up.
  3. You can now cook your favourite foods using the tools provided.

Tip: If cooking fatty foods, the stainless-steel handles are a good idea as you can then easily lift the griddle off to empty excess juices safely!


If cooking fatty foods, use the ridged side and keep an eye on the buildup of fat in the trough. Use the heat-resistant gloves to lift your griddle out and dispose of excess fat if necessary (Always check your gloves thoroughly before using them).