The portable stone baked pizza oven and grill

Out of the box and ready to cook in under 10 minutes


Easy to carry, store and set up whether at home or out on an adventure. Perfect for small spaces such as Balconies, Boats and Motorhomes. Your Firepod will soon become part of your family and travel with you, wherever you go.


Using BBQ gas means your Firepod will be ready to cook pizza in under 10 mins, is easy to keep at the right temperature until you finish cooking. No messing around with wood or pellets means little cleaning is needed.


Whether you fancy Pizzas, a BBQ or want to impress friends with the Hot Rock – mankind’s oldest cooking method – The Firepod has it all. You can even smoke food with the special Firepod smoker kit coming soon.

The Firepod

The Firepod is the world’s first truly portable stone baked Pizza Oven and Grill, using BBQ gas for hassle-free cooking.  Pizza – BBQ – Hot Rock Cooking – The Firepod it does it all. Simply interchange the cooking sets for whichever meal you want. 

The perfect day – bacon & eggs for breakfast on the skillet, sizzle-cook seafood and crispy vegetables on the hot rock for a healthy lunch, pop the stones in and make pizzas for the kids’ supper then put the griddle back in for an evening BBQ.

The Firepod comes with all you need to become a pizza expert – two real cordierite pizza stones; a pizza peel and a pair of high-quality heat-resistant gloves. 

From only £399!

Three Ingenious Uses

Hot Rock Cooking

Sizzle -cook meat, fish and vegetables to perfection on the Hot Rock.
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BBQ Griddle & Skillet

Enjoy mouth-watering breakfasts, lunches and dinners on the Griddle and Skillet.
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Stone Baked Pizzas

Cook authentic, stone baked pizzas like a pro – with ease!
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Pizza Oven

The ultra-portable retro style Firepod stone baked Pizza Oven is perfect for any occasion, anywhere.

With the two special pizza stones in place and the lid on The Firepod is the world’s easiest pizza oven. It reaches the perfect pizza cooking temperature of 600ºF in under 10 minutes and takes just a few minutes to cook a 12-inch authentic fresh dough pizza.

Thanks to the twin stone system and gas control, you can keep your Firepod at the correct temperature until you run out of pizzas! Also, because it gets so hot, very little cleaning is needed.

By the way, if you are concerned about using gas for cooking pizzas rather than wood, it is well proven that the smoky flavour comes from the pizza base on the hot cordierite stone, not the wood. Very few good pizza restaurants use wood!

The Firepod’s compact design means you really can take it anywhere. It will fit easily in the boot of your car or on your boat and stows away easily when not in use. We have covers available if you wish to keep yours outside.

Reversible Griddle and Skillet

The Firepod doesn’t just cook pizzas!

The Firepod’s optional reversible griddle and skillet transforms your pizza oven into a BBQ.

Meats and BBQ foods are best cooked on the ridged griddle side so excess juices can collect in the built-in trough (although we find most of it burns off and disappears).

The flat ‘skillet’ side is best for breakfasts such as bacon and eggs or pancakes.

The stainless-steel handles can be fitted to either or both sides, doubling up as feet should you want to lift the griddle off and place it on the ground or a heatproof surface.

Breakfast, lunch and dinner the Firepod has it covered.

Hot Rock Cooking

Enjoy mankind’s oldest method of cooking in style, with our ‘Hot Rock’ set. A one-inch thick slab of volcanic rock, heated in your Firepod, then taken to your table for sizzle-cooking on a chunky bamboo board.

This is a very healthy, fun and interactive way to entertain your friends and family. Each person can cook their meat, seafood and vegetables to what they consider to be perfection.

The stone out of the oven will cook for about half an hour. As strips of meat and fish cook in seconds this is plenty of time for everyone to eat well, however, you can keep it on your Firepod or re-heat if required.

Four sets of tongs and spatulas for cooking are included in the set

There really is no food The Firepod cannot cook!

Available in four stylish colours





Don’t take our word for it…

Here’s what other people have to say about The Firepod

Quirky, Yet functional styling, We Love it!

‘Firepod is just superb – in our garden, with our VW campervan – it delivers perfect pizzas and hot stone grills. Portable but rugged enough for travel too – and a quirky, yet functional styling. We love it.’

Jason Bradbury Presenter The Gadget Show

Honestly Delicious!

I love the simple, Scandi-looking design (available in a few different colours); it’s very compact and easy to transport, so ideal to take on camping trips. It is also very, very easy to use – we were blown away by how good the pizzas were! They are honestly delicious – I’d go as far as saying that they are better than most pizza restaurants I’ve been to. Katy Orme Apartment Apothecary Click here to read the full review

Fancy making the best home made pizza?

‘’Seriously love this idea. The Firepod makes incredible pizza in 4 mins! Every home should have one. An awesome present idea for the foodie or pizza lovers in your life’’ Penny Alexander Award-winning Travel Blogger Parentshaped Click here to read the full review

Inspirational Recipes

What’s in the box

Strong 2mm steel casing (double most BBQs), high-temperature enamel coating and eco-friendly hardwood, mean The Firepod is built to last!  Our pizza stones are 100% genuine cordierite, not the often-used cheap ceramic.

  • Ready to use from the box
  • Includes regulator
  • Auto-ignition
  • Sturdy 2mm thick casing
  • Heavy-duty stainless-steel burner
  • Genuine cordierite pizza stones
  • User-friendly design
  • Removable Lid

The Firepod Ltd

The portable stone baked pizza oven and grill is ideal for use at home, camping and festivals.

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